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Mold Indoor Air Quality in Ardsley, NY

Environmental Assessments & Solutions Inc offers Ardsley, NY, mold indoor air quality assessments. We help analyze the location and extent of the mold damage. We also identify the underlying reason for the contamination and help you plan how best to remove it.

Mold can be difficult to detect and to remove, and early identification makes it easier to treat the initial cause of the problem. If mold is not completely removed, it can easily return, especially in damp areas. Mold can cause several problems, including:

  • Health risks to both humans and animals
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Poor air quality leading to allergic reactions and respiratory problems
Mold spores travel easily on air currents and can affect any building. Many building materials can support mold growth, especially if plumbing problems result in water leakage. If you are purchasing a new home or have noted water damage or odors, you may benefit from a comprehensive mold inspection. For an Ardsley, NY, mold indoor air quality consultation, please call Environmental Assessments & Solutions Inc today.